Our Approach

3Pillars Wellbeing will support your employees to live healthier, happier lives. 

We work with you to build and deliver bespoke health and wellbeing packages that are accessible to all employees, designed to Enhance Team, Company Ethos and Effectiveness.

Creating an Active Workplace

Expert coaches deliver varied physical activity sessions to suit the needs of employees, encouraging people to get active in whatever way they are able.

Mental Health Awareness & Reslience

With Mental Health First Aid Training our coaches offer an extra level of care to everyone on our programmes, helping them find appropriate support and information.

Improving Eating Behaviour

Guided by in house experience, we deliver a range of healthy eating sessions from large activities to personal development, enabling real change.

Teamwork & Adventures

We develop teamwork in all of our activities as we know this helps improve the work environment. We also deliver programmes specifically targeting teamwork, such as our adventure challenges.

Smoking Cessation

By developing the correct environment with the effective leadership and guidance we can help most people stop smoking.

Lifestyle Support

What can be most impactful for some people can be sitting down with an experienced professional and discussing their challenges in leading a healthy life. We are proud of the tangible advice we are able to provide.

The Environment

Work-related stress, depression or anxiety is a serious problem in the UK, and it has a substantial impact on businesses. Here are some brief statistics from HSE in 2016/17 that express the extent of the problem:


The number of workers reported suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety.


The number of working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.


The amount of all work-related ill health cases accounted for by stress, depression or anxiety.

These high levels of work-related stress, depression or anxiety can negatively affect:


Fatigue, pain, sleep problems


Lack of motivation, irritability, sadness


Angry outbursts, social withdrawal, substance abuse

With us as your partner we can help your employees combat these challenges.


The team is exactly the right balance of supportive and challenging, holding the group to account when needed but creating an amazingly positive atmosphere to support us quitting.

Smoking Cessation Participant

Keep it up! Can’t think of anything to improve, in fact your openness and honesty with us throughout the sessions was really powerful and played a big part in helping me quit.

Smoking Cessation Participant

Gave us the kick we needed.

Smoking Cessation Participant

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